Lindo, which means neat in Spanish, pretty in English, is an Atelier Leather Shop based in leather workshops and  classic leather bags.

Lindo bags with classic and neat designs made of good leather never get tired of them and will always with you for a long time with good memories.​​​​​​​


Every woman who uses Lindo bag can be the heroine of a French novel.
And we hope every moment can shine like a scene in a novel.

Maintain the existing serif typeface style. 
Created a logo with more classic and powerful looks.

The newly developed Lindo's brand symbol,
used frame like a symbol mark of an old novel, can feel the French mood.​​​​​​​


Lindo, memorable atelier
genuine leather bag 
Brand Renewal

Creative Director / Designer
Kahyun Kim
©Be Based on Brand. All Rights Reserved.

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