About Detail is photography studios in Seoul, founded by two mans photographer.
their concept of studio is that brings the huge discrimination of photography
from the little details.​​​​​​​

It is impossible to get a good picture without enough conversation.
They find each other's hidden charms and provide photos of each other's charms. That means, They try to contain your detail points into the photography.

Most of the people who need photography are people who are just starting to leap forward,
The concept start from this.

The Key visual of About Detail is 3 elements. (point - line - square frame)
A point that means the start point and a line that means the process with the client and it create a square frame that means photography frame.
As same as each person has own charms, each frame(photography) has own shapes.​​​​​​​

The logo form of About Detail is also a combination of capital letter
and lower case with slightly added details.


Creative Director / Bx Designer - Kim Kahyun ​​​​​​​

Motion Graphic - Kim Kahyun, Jang Juyeong


Instagram @aboutdetail_
Photographer - Kim Kyounghwan, Kwak Doyoung

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